Sunday, 21 May 2017

What I've been watching on Netflix

There's nothing better than unwinding in the evening with a bit of Netflix, am I right? 😜 

  • Started of watching this for the lols, because I was bored and thought why not.
  • The trailer made it seem cheesy and eye roll worthy.
  • After about 10 minutes I didn't turn it off as I had expected to, instead I continued on.
  • I ended up watching a few episodes, because it was kind of a guilty pleasure.
  • I am now on season 4 and it's no longer a guilty pleasure, I'm hands down in love with it. 💕
  • Why I'm a fan: the women in this show are multi-layered and amazing and kick-butt. Swoon worthy male characters 🙈 *cough* Conde. *cough*  The storyline is addictive and surprising. It's visually stunning. 
  • FYI: If you're thinking of watching it for the portrayal of Mary queen of Scotland's reign I wouldn't recommend it because it's not really historically accurate.

I wanted to watch a Disney movie, so I went for this since I hadn't seen it before. Overall, I really enjoyed it!

Monte Carlo
I was in the mood for a cute, feel good movie and this definitely delivered!

Have you seen any of these? What are you currently watching on Netflix?


  1. I've seen the films but I've heard of Reign, just never seen it! I'll for sure be adding it to my list of shows to watch this summer!

  2. Yay for watching a lot of stuff on netflix :D That's awesome. <3 And ahh! First time watching Anastasia? Rude. But glad you enjoyed it :D It's a favorite of mine; and I love it to pieces. <3 Hope you'll continue to watch lots of awesome stuff :)

  3. I definitely enjoy binge watching tv shows amongst all the reading. I recently started Riverdale and although it has been kind of cheesy, I'm highly addicted! I don't know what I will start after I'm finished? Maybe Reign?


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